Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Life settled between two ready neighbors, Joy and Sorrow.
In town, they told him, “Joy is sweet and will make a fine neighbor, but guard your gates for Sorrow will find an open path to wreck a happy gathering.”
Shall Life grow his hedges high to the west and draw his shades as well?
Shall he set his furniture to the east and look through friendly curtains to Joy while scheming never Sorrow to meet?
Shall Life embrace Joy and will they dine at mid-night to keep their laughter from Sorrow’s notice? Will Sorrow diminish Life's Joy while yet beyond his gates?
No, Life cannot live half-a-life. Can there truly be East without West? Life, if he lives well, acknowledges both neighbors and his laughter rings throughout his gardens unafraid.
If sorrow enters unannounced and pulls his chair to dine, Life will let him stay just long enough but not one minute more.

#justwrite #poetry